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Reflective Journal – Week 5

Bellerbys Computer Lab, as photographed by Charles Diego Amobi

Bellerbys Computer Lab, as photographed by Charles Diego Amobi

I am studying CIT at Bellerbys College as a part of my Business Foundation programme. Computer skills are very important, a vital part of modern living and especially businesses. That is also one of the reasons I took up CIT. Working on the computer is fun, usually.

I brushed up my computer skills and learned how to use Excel and Publisher efficiently. I enjoyed Word formatting because it feels artistic and fun. I learned the ropes of shortcuts and graphs, using more of these every time I started doing the task.

One of the most difficult things was getting used to Microsoft menu hierarchy after using iOS UI for a long time. Microsoft software turned out to be cluttered and unintuitive, but more productive and full-featured than mobile counterparts, mainly because of its designation as desktop software. Nevertheless, it does its job.

I feel like I need to know more about power-user functions and hidden features of PowerPoint. Also, it looks like I need more practice with Microsoft Excel and its features, as there are many of them.  With that said, I think the foundation for further learning is in place.

We are taught in a computer lab, with all of the lessons putting learned skills to practice immediately, and that is a good thing. I like the way CIT is taught at Bellerbys.

Reflective Journal – Week 4

Studying English at Bellerbys


In addition to my Business-related subject, such as Business Studies 1&2, Econommics and Business Maths, I am also studying English. The purpose of this course is to enrich my vocabulary, become a better speaker and learn the language in general.

There are various similarities between academic and general studies. For example, in both instances similar textbooks are used and in both instances teachers are providing an interactive experience. Differences stem from the fact that academic studies are controlled on a more focus basis, with continous assessment and monitoring of the work students do. Because of this more time is spent preparing and then revising the excersise, to achieve a high grade.

I mostly enjoyed my experience, because it was immersing and new, and of course I learned quiet a lot. I enjoyed presentations, videos and discussions, and enjoyed the feedback the teachers gave. They were very supportive. One of them said that they are “here to help [us] study in new way”.

English IELTS book

English IELTS book


The most difficult thing in this course was coping with the amount of work that occasionally piled up. To deal with it a lot of resources were needed, but it all could be prevented with better time management.

I still have a lot to learn, but I hope that with the foundation I built throughout these years a proper knowledge base can be established.

Reflective Journal – It’s week 3!

Main Subject at Bellerbys


   My programme of choice at Bellerbys is Business Foundation. That makes Business Studies my main subject. I chose business because it suits my needs for preparatory programme for the university – my course is connected with international business. The skill I will acquire through this course will enable me to understand underlying low-key concepts in my university course that will start this autumn.

As regards to my progress, I have already passed practically all of my exams. The only one left – Economics 2 – will commence on June 6th. I have understood most of the material given to me by the teachers.

Although I find mathematics and economics difficult, I think I should know more about the subjects. I am trying to understand principles of economics, but application of these principles may be difficult.

We are taugh in classes of 10-15 pupils, using interactive boards, discussions, debates and written assignments. Teaching techniques are different from my school.

I think business foundation programme will be beneficial for me.

Reflective Journal – Week 2

Education in England and Belarus

  The differences between educational systems of England and Belarus are clear but not stark as one may think. Although the educational culture is different in many aspects.

Teaching styles may be both similar and unique. UK teachers focus more on team work and interactivity, while teachers in my country value individual work more, while they also don’t forget about working in groups.


Mr. Goodwin


Workloads are different, though. In Belarus, quite a lot of work is done at home, plus the tasks in class occupy a lot more time than they do in England. More data is compacted into short lessons back at home, so students have to proccess a lot of information in a 45-minute lesson.


My classmate, Oscar


Classes are roughly the same in size, with some exceptions, when comparing to Bellerbys, not state schools. This means better studying experience and more interpersonal contact between the teacher and the students.

All in all, studies in the UK were on par with my expectations, and I plan to go to an English university, once aga

in subjecting myself to the British education, in fact quite different from that I enjoyed in Belarus, but nevertheless immersive and efficient.

Reflective Journal – Week 1

Reflections and plans

   It is usually a thrilling and fresh experience when you visit a country you’ve never been to before. That is certainly true of my first encounter with England. I have stepped out of the aircraft and right into British weather, feeling the wind of change. I started adapting to the language and people so different from what I On the planeleft 3 hours prior. That is one of the amazing things about air travel.

Brighton caught me looking around, trying to figure out directions and memorize routes. The landscape is different from my hometown, among other things, and it took some weeks before I was able to orientate decently. After the acclimatization period, however, I got used to this small seashore town and its peculiarities.

Studying here is my first step towards the future looming ahead somewhere. While gaining necessary skills and acquiring knowledge I also adapt to the environment similar to that of a university that I plan to entry. After that I will try to start a career in a field connected with my education and interest, possibly finding and exploiting opportunities, ultimately reaching something. Something worth the effort.