Reflective Journal – It’s week 3!

Main Subject at Bellerbys


   My programme of choice at Bellerbys is Business Foundation. That makes Business Studies my main subject. I chose business because it suits my needs for preparatory programme for the university – my course is connected with international business. The skill I will acquire through this course will enable me to understand underlying low-key concepts in my university course that will start this autumn.

As regards to my progress, I have already passed practically all of my exams. The only one left – Economics 2 – will commence on June 6th. I have understood most of the material given to me by the teachers.

Although I find mathematics and economics difficult, I think I should know more about the subjects. I am trying to understand principles of economics, but application of these principles may be difficult.

We are taugh in classes of 10-15 pupils, using interactive boards, discussions, debates and written assignments. Teaching techniques are different from my school.

I think business foundation programme will be beneficial for me.


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