Reflective Journal – Week 5

Bellerbys Computer Lab, as photographed by Charles Diego Amobi

Bellerbys Computer Lab, as photographed by Charles Diego Amobi

I am studying CIT at Bellerbys College as a part of my Business Foundation programme. Computer skills are very important, a vital part of modern living and especially businesses. That is also one of the reasons I took up CIT. Working on the computer is fun, usually.

I brushed up my computer skills and learned how to use Excel and Publisher efficiently. I enjoyed Word formatting because it feels artistic and fun. I learned the ropes of shortcuts and graphs, using more of these every time I started doing the task.

One of the most difficult things was getting used to Microsoft menu hierarchy after using iOS UI for a long time. Microsoft software turned out to be cluttered and unintuitive, but more productive and full-featured than mobile counterparts, mainly because of its designation as desktop software. Nevertheless, it does its job.

I feel like I need to know more about power-user functions and hidden features of PowerPoint. Also, it looks like I need more practice with Microsoft Excel and its features, as there are many of them.  With that said, I think the foundation for further learning is in place.

We are taught in a computer lab, with all of the lessons putting learned skills to practice immediately, and that is a good thing. I like the way CIT is taught at Bellerbys.


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