Reflective Journal – Week 1

Reflections and plans

   It is usually a thrilling and fresh experience when you visit a country you’ve never been to before. That is certainly true of my first encounter with England. I have stepped out of the aircraft and right into British weather, feeling the wind of change. I started adapting to the language and people so different from what I On the planeleft 3 hours prior. That is one of the amazing things about air travel.

Brighton caught me looking around, trying to figure out directions and memorize routes. The landscape is different from my hometown, among other things, and it took some weeks before I was able to orientate decently. After the acclimatization period, however, I got used to this small seashore town and its peculiarities.

Studying here is my first step towards the future looming ahead somewhere. While gaining necessary skills and acquiring knowledge I also adapt to the environment similar to that of a university that I plan to entry. After that I will try to start a career in a field connected with my education and interest, possibly finding and exploiting opportunities, ultimately reaching something. Something worth the effort.


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