Reflective Journal – Week 2

Education in England and Belarus

  The differences between educational systems of England and Belarus are clear but not stark as one may think. Although the educational culture is different in many aspects.

Teaching styles may be both similar and unique. UK teachers focus more on team work and interactivity, while teachers in my country value individual work more, while they also don’t forget about working in groups.


Mr. Goodwin


Workloads are different, though. In Belarus, quite a lot of work is done at home, plus the tasks in class occupy a lot more time than they do in England. More data is compacted into short lessons back at home, so students have to proccess a lot of information in a 45-minute lesson.


My classmate, Oscar


Classes are roughly the same in size, with some exceptions, when comparing to Bellerbys, not state schools. This means better studying experience and more interpersonal contact between the teacher and the students.

All in all, studies in the UK were on par with my expectations, and I plan to go to an English university, once aga

in subjecting myself to the British education, in fact quite different from that I enjoyed in Belarus, but nevertheless immersive and efficient.


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