Reflective Journal – Week 4

Studying English at Bellerbys


In addition to my Business-related subject, such as Business Studies 1&2, Econommics and Business Maths, I am also studying English. The purpose of this course is to enrich my vocabulary, become a better speaker and learn the language in general.

There are various similarities between academic and general studies. For example, in both instances similar textbooks are used and in both instances teachers are providing an interactive experience. Differences stem from the fact that academic studies are controlled on a more focus basis, with continous assessment and monitoring of the work students do. Because of this more time is spent preparing and then revising the excersise, to achieve a high grade.

I mostly enjoyed my experience, because it was immersing and new, and of course I learned quiet a lot. I enjoyed presentations, videos and discussions, and enjoyed the feedback the teachers gave. They were very supportive. One of them said that they are “here to help [us] study in new way”.

English IELTS book

English IELTS book


The most difficult thing in this course was coping with the amount of work that occasionally piled up. To deal with it a lot of resources were needed, but it all could be prevented with better time management.

I still have a lot to learn, but I hope that with the foundation I built throughout these years a proper knowledge base can be established.


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